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Fevicryl 3D Cone Oultiner - Pearl Metallic Gold (20Ml)

: Fevicryl

  • Easy to use and create beautiful art
  • Long narrow nozzle allows for superb outlining and raised patterns
  • Use on glass, wood, paper, canvas, and other surfaces
  • 20 ml bottle of Pearl Metallic Gold

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: INR 22
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Fevicryl has always been at the forefront of revolutionizing art and craft products and accessories. This 3D Cone Outliner is perfect for creating those beautiful outlines or hand-drawn masterpieces on a variety of bases. Available in a number of shades, these outliners come with a long nozzle that allows you to trace out the perfect pattern.

You can use this outliner to define the boundaries of your designs and later fill them up with colour. It can be used on glass, wood or paper and is perfect for etching traditional designs or modern artistic influences. Comes as a set of 10 bottles!


1. Gives dimensional effects
2. Water based
3. Ready-to-use
4. Quick drying
5. Wash proof, rich in colors


1. Easy-to-use
2. Dimensional fabric and art colors
3. Create raised patterns & highlight outlines
4. Wash proof
5. Stays permanent on fabric wash after wash
6. Can be used on earthen pots, diyas & surfaces like wood, leather, stone, canvas, metal, terracotta and many other surfaces


Q. Should the fabric be washed before painting?
Ans: Yes, remove starch from cotton fabrics before using 3D outliners on it.

Q. What is the use of 3D Outliner?
Ans: With 3D Outliner, one can create raised patterns to highlight flat designs painted on fabric. It can also be used independently to make different fabric patterns.

Q. Can shimmer shades be used on all colored fabrics?
Ans: Shimmer shades are recommended for use on light colored fabrics only.

Q. How to make the colour wash proof?
Ans: Let dry painted fabric for 24 hours. Iron on reverse after 72 hours. Wash after 6 days. Don't scrub.

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